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Who We Are

Inspired by Ostrenko Brothers, New International Performing Arts Institute, is developing from 2000 and now it became a community of professionals, working to inspire new talents and raise professionals for contemporary performing arts field. We believe everyone has an artist inside them, looking to express oneself and we want to help you find your path. At our programs, you will be studying in the cross-cultural and multidisciplinary groups. Why? Working alongside peers from different countries, cultures and disciplines is excellent training for the innovative, new, multidimensional approach to performance making, and also offers our students personal opportunities to learn more about new stories and cultures.


Who is these programs for?

Our workshops are open to practicing theatre directors of the Drama Theater, Musical Theater, Physical Theater, Choreographers and Circus Directors, working in various genres, techniques, and styles interested to acquire reliable director's toolkit to create contemporary professional productions. 

If you are a practicing director at the start of your career or feel the need to refresh and refill your directing arsenal, and wish to be in one group with other directors, choreographers, and dancers, NIPAI intensives offer a great chance to improve skills, to find new international network opportunities and collaboration. 

Share and exchange your ideas with colleagues from different parts of the world, gain new helpful tools and professional tips under the competent guidance of NIPAI experts. 


What To Expect

  • intensive practical/physical and creative training 

  • new techniques, tools and approaches 

  • practice in multidisciplinary and multicultural groups

  • dynamic, unique, hands-on and professional environment for artistic growth

Ostrenko's programs aim to equip current and future directors, movement directors, actors coaches, choreographers, actors and dancers with specific working tools and skills which will definitely bring positive results to their careers in the Performing Arts industry.


NIPAI’s various workshops and programs offer students the most intensive and comprehensive experiences possible as they immerse in hands-on courses. The curriculum is designed for professionals with experience as well as for those who wish to deepen their knowledge and skills.

International Multidisciplinary Residency 

Berlin - Germany   |   20 - 26 August 2020


At this intensive residency program in Trebnitz Castle (50 km from Berlin), students will be able to practically explore the role of the physical training for the ensemble building process, work with actors in a playful manner,  building up a particular atmosphere, cohesion and dynamics within the group. The program is physical, practical, multidisciplinary and multicultural. 


International Multidisciplinary Workshop

Berlin - Germany  |   07 - 14 January 2021


This One Week intensive training is designed as the multidisciplinary intensive lab with participation and practice together with performers from different techniques and countries.

The Program enables students to acquire an understanding of how professional actors are trained, how to develop the method of actors’ training in rehearsal process or in daily training under a director’s guidance.

International Multidisciplinary Lab&Conference

Austria   |    12 - 21 December 2020


The program is designed as a multidisciplinary lab for experienced actors, dancers, physical performers, contemporary circus performers, choreographers and directors -performing arts practitioners. The program includes intensive practical training, lectures and discussions with the theatre director and teacher Sergei Ostrenko and the program of IUGTE annual International Conference with performing arts teachers from different countries.


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